.During the DXpedition, pictures and news updates of our operation will be available by clicking HERE”.                                                              Our group members are on the air at FO (PPT and Huahine). Look up FO on the scanners and see on the air times they are active.  We will be at TX7T this coming Thursday and hopefully on the air Thursday night or Friday morning latest from Marquesas. When we call a directed CQ to EU, request other stations stand by so we can listen for the weaker signals - expecially when we are trying to work European stations.. a much longer distance. Let’s all follow the DX Code of conduct.

For those interested in islands, zone numbers etc…These apply to Marquesas.



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TX7T final logo

Bill, Robert, Dr. Bob, Madison, and Bob finishing up at TX5T..in 2018

Set your calendars - Nov 6-Nov 17 2019 Look for Marquesas!! TX7T…….Where are the Marquesas???


CQ de TX7T

In order to validate our different logos, presentations, drawings, and other creations to enhance TX7T, I just wanted to bring you a point of view, both philosophical and cultural on the Marquesas I have known since 1974.

99% of the world's population knows very little about geography and almost everyone does not know where the Marquesas are located and that they are French islands.
Ham radio is more familiar with geography, but their knowledge is still quite limited.
A friend of mine, a university science teacher, believed that Bora Bora was American. A French friend, Ham radio, DX'man, thought the same thing.
Bora Bora is located in the Leeward Islands Archipelago, it has been French since 1888.
It was loaned to the USA throughout the Pacific War as a resting place for GIs.This is what made it famous, and makes us think that this island is American.

Many Ham radio operators do not know how to point their antennas in the right direction for the Marquesas.

The Marquesas:
They were discovered and populated by Polynesians, Maori from Samoa and Tonga between less than 150 years and more than 100 years after Jesus Christ.
This is the reason for the different language of Tahitian, the customs that are very similar to those of Tonga, such as the famous haka.
Between 400 and 800 AD, the Marquisans were the first peoples to arrive on Rapa Nui, the Easter island.
In 1595, Alvaro de Mendana, a Spanish navigator, was the first Westerner to setfoot on Fatu Hiva and Tahuata.
Two centuries later, in 1793, the Frenchman Étienne MARCHAND took possession of the Marquesas on behalf of France, and in 1842, Aubert Du Petit Thouars integrated the Archipelago into the French Establishments of Oceania.
Nuku Hiva, the administrative centre of the Marquesas, is located 1400 km fromTahiti.

The whole archipelago has a little less than 1000 Km² of surface area and has alittle less than 10,000 inhabitants, i. e. a population of 10 inhabitants per km². . . .
The last radio amateur to have lived in the Marquesasin Hiva Oa, is my friend Patrick FO5QS. That was in 2015. Now FO5QS live in Huahine.

If you are a stranger to the Marquesas, you must be Paul GAUGUIN, a famous French painter (1848 / 1903) or Jaques BREL(1929 / 1978), a famous Belgian singer to settle permanently and live fully the Marquesas. . .
To know a little more about it, 2 internet links that I recommend you.


73 Didier


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