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Donors - and how to help


Thanks for personal donations. When sent you will get a note from PayPal about your donation.. It will show to the “Australs2018” site. This is done in honor of our most recent DXpedition to the French Australs in 2018. Thanks so much from the CanAm DX Group! Be sure and add your callsign to the comment section so we can recognize and thank you in the group below!

Donors to TX7T - Marquesas2019 DXpedition - Thank you very much!

K9WX, W9EWZ, JA8UIV, Oklahoma DX Association,

The Marquesas2019 team thanks the following supporters of our effort who have donated equipment or monetary equivalents in support of our Dxpeditions in the past to Tonga and French Australs and our new supporters helping with the Marquesas Dxpedition.

1. Expert Linears -  Bob W5UQ is providing our amplifier support.

Thanks Bob for wonderful support to make our signals strong!


2. Oklahoma DX Association - funding.

3. DXEngineering - Coaxial cable

4. Elecraft -P3 

All Elecraft radios! KX3 perfect match to the Expert “little” amplifier.

5. Dave Bottom - WI6R - RS headsets. Comfort for those long operating sessions!

6. Messi and Paolini - 


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7. Gigaparts -


8.Texas DX Society click for of our major donors. Thanks guys!

9. Lone Star DX Association


10. Central Texas DX Contest Club

11. Arkansas DX Association.

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