Frequency/JA news

Please note for Japanese operators, we will post frequencies lower where

We will listen in the Japanese transmit bands. WE thank the Japanese for their assistance

Japanese Pay Pal button is located just here below.

Please be sure and send a note with your call sign as we cannot read the Japanese writing ;( That way can recognize you on the web page.


BAND.    CW        RTTY.       SSB.        FT8

160.      1835                   1848.     1844 (1909 for JA)

80.         3524       3580.     3610*.     3600

40.         7024.      7045.     7082.     7056

30.        10108.    10142.                  10145

20.        14024.    14080.   14210.    14090

17.        18079.    18105.   18130.    18095

15.        21024.    21080.   21285.    21091

12.        24894.    24912.   24945.    24915

10.        28024.    28080.   28485.    28091

6          50105.                    50108.   50316

* will likely listen around 3750...

Frequencies subject to change obviously….

Here are some good FT8 links:

FT8 DXpedition ModeUser Guide - we will do F/H!!

You must upgrade to the latest version of WSJT-X. 

You must set your clock to <1 second accuracy. 

You MUST connect your radio to your computer via RS232

WSJT-X must be able to automatically QSY your radio. 

You MUST enable Split operation.  (F2, Radio, Split Operation, "Rig" or "Fake It".) 

We will use special DXpedition frequencies for FT8. 

You can add these frequencies to the WSJT-X configuration (F2, Frequencies). 

You MUST use DXpedition mode (F2, Advanced, Special, Hound). 

Never try to call on our frequency or below 1000 Hz. 

Watch for QRM on your transmit frequency (red marker). Use Shift-Click to move when necessary

It will often be best to call using a high frequency (up to 4000 Hz). 

For more information, please use the URLs on FREQUENCY page to learn more about FT8 F/H. 

Video details Dxpedition mode

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