The Can-Am group is heading back to the Pacific!

Bill, Robert, Dr. Bob, Madison, and Bob finishing up at 2018

Set your calendars - Nov 6-Nov 17 2019 Look for Marquesas!! TX7T…….


Thank you to all who are making contributions via the Pay Pal button! Every bit helps.

Below is the 2018 TX5T expedition crew!...

Our AWESOME Pilots (again) are:

          Anthony De Biasi - K2SG (East Coast USA) 

          Don Meyers - N7BT     (West Coast USA)

          Franz Berndt - DL9GFB  (Europe)

Thanks for personal donations. When sent you will get a note from PayPal about your donation.. It will show to the “Tonga2016” site. This is done in honor of our First DXpedition to Kingdom of Tonga, in 2016. Thanks so much from the CanAm DX Group!

Robert Feldtman, Webmaster (and other assorted duties!)

Over 65 thousand visitors to our Tonga and two Australs web sites, Let’s see what Marquesas2019 will generate.

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